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ActonStore  specializes in full scale video production services.
We offer production and planning, filming, editing and post-production services.
We are proud to be a  based Video Production Company that maximizes our creative potential and cost efficiency by offering a dedicated service and total commitment to the project. In order to stay price competitive,
we use all the fanciest equipment – cameras and lenses, high end sound gear, and animated text and graphics – but we are singularly focused on your message. Everything we do, from planning and preproduction, to our highly tailored production techniques, to our editing and revision process, is tailored around helping you deliver the right message, with the right tone, in the right way. 

ActonStore. Aiming at anyone from budding start-ups and small business owners to global communications managers, we like to deliver that bit extra for your project.
. We are an award-winning, full service video production company, specializing in corporate videos, promotional videos and commercials,  educational and training videos, documentaries, fundraiser and event videos and creative video editing.

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