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Motion Graphics  (2D Animation Design )
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- Acton Categorie:  Motion Graphics
- Service Offered:  2D Motion
- Work Hours: Custom
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Motion graphics lets you tell stories in engaging and provocative ways. Our team brings concepts to life by finding a visual hook to help people understand what you're trying to tell them. It becomes easier for a customer to understand these visual images than when the customer is simply handed a piece of paper with bullet points and no distinguishing features.

We provide animation for commercials and short films. Our love of this process and the innovation involved allows us to create amazing pieces. We fuse handcrafted artistry with cutting-edge technology and breathe life into everyday objects, transforming them into dynamic souls with vitality, spirit and emotion.
As artists, we’re inspired by the world of animation, which includes stop-motion, 2D, CG, Flash and motion graphics. If your company wants to connect with potential customers, animation offers several benefits. Of course, it’s fun to watch, but it’s powerful too. Animation, combined with sound or text, makes it easier to explain difficult concepts. Audiences can recall the message you’ve delivered through animation because it’s familiar and accessible.
Professional graphics, a well-crafted script, and genuine characters make our animation projects memorable. We want to share our passion with those who love to tell amazing stories using our professional motion graphics and animation services.

Our services include:
  • Pre Production
  • Production
  • Post Production 

1. Pre Production                                                                       
  • Concept design & development     
  • Character Design & illustration 
  • Digital Painting, Mock-ups & Story-boarding                                     
  •  Pre-Visualization & Animatics                                
2. Production                                                                                                
  • 2D  animation                                                                      
  • Development of key-frames, Colored Background, Clean ups, tracing and animation.
  • Scene composition along with its editing                                
  • generated Visual Effects                                            
  • Photo-Realistic Rendering
3. Post Production
  • Seamless composition of CG overlays on  live video
  • Video tracking
  • Post production visual effects
  • Motion Graphics, Video & Audio Editing
Our experts are adept at to using best-of-the-breed tools  such as:
  • premier
  • after effect
  • audition
  • flash
  • Anime Studio Pro
  • Toon Boom
Operation Cycle:
Research and Script:
 Understanding your requirement through a conference call or a questionnaire, professional would be assigned to script your requirements for the video. Based on which the draft is sent to the client for approvals within a week.
VO artists would record in a professional studio according to your instructions. We would take 2-3 business days for your review on the voice over.
Design & Storyboard: 
After drafting a story for the videos, we would send it for your approvals. Once approved we would be working on the story board which is a visual representation giving a glance for the final video.
Graphic & Animation: 
Your video is brought to life! Based on the approvals of the storyboard, final video is created along with the background music. Changes entertained if necessary, are very minimal like spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, animation guidance, time issues or sound problems.

 Digital Painting, Mock-ups & Story-boarding                                     
 Pre-Visualization & Animatics

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