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Business Cards الكارت الشخصى
Item # 4021
- Acton Categorie:  Stationery
- Service Offered:  Business Cards
- Quantity: 100
- Work Hours:  2 Hours
Design Days: 1 Day
Printed Days: 3 Days


A business card is often the first impression people take away from your business. In a professional situation, it's hard to believe that something as small as a business card can really impact your image. When your business card reflects a crisp design and great quality, it lets potential clients and sales leads know that your organization pays attention to even the smallest details.

Our services include:
  • Design & Print Business Card 
  • Free QR Code
  • Free Logo Repeir
  • High Quality Printing
  • Full Color One-sided 
  • Identify Your Preferred Style and Colors
  • Deliver Your Corporate Style
  • Proofing
  • Make Adjustments According to Your Feedback
  • High Gloss or Matte Coating
  • Low Startup Quantity
  • 100 Printed 
Getting started has never been easier!
- Choose custom business card printing, use your corporate business card template, or select the full-service business card design option
- Pick the perfect paper or other business card substrate such as plastic, Tyvek, metal, vinyl, poly, celo and 16pt. with the look and feel that suits you
- Select the style, shape, and business card dimensions
- Add embellishments like embossing, foil, die-cuts and special finishes to give your card a one-of-a-kind look
- Work with our team to incorporate QR coding and other interactive marketing options
- Finally add matching stationery, letterhead, notepads and other print services to create a custom corporate branding package

Available standard sizes:

Size   Size  W
Size  H
Size  W
Size  H
Standard 89 51 3.5 2
ISO 7810 ID-1 85.60 53.98 3.370 2.125
ISO 216 - A8 sized 74 52 2.913 2.047
United States 89 51 3.5 2
China 90 54 3.543 2.125
United Kingdom 85 55 3.346 2.165
France 85 55 3.543 2.165
 Japan 91 55 3.582 2.125

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120.00  EGP
per Unit

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