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Instructional Presentation  (Limited Budget / Up to 15 minutes)
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المجموعة:  العرض التعليمى
الخدمة العرض التعليمى للميزانية الصغيرة
مدة الفديو: 15 دقيقة
ساعات العمل : 9 ساعة
عدد أيام التنفيذ: 5 ايام

عدد أيام التعديلات: 3 ايام


 More and more businesses are using these videos for a wide variety of purposes, such as employee orientations, ongoing training, internal reviews of company policies, annual reports, or the delivery of a motivational message from company leaders. There are numerous ways to produce training and instructional videos. We’ll help you determine the best approach to achieve the greatest impact

Our services include:
  • Up to : 15 Minutes in Length
  • Dynamic Motion Graphics
Embed your dynamic animation on your your Instructional Presentation , use it on website,  landing pages, email campaigns, or with social media.
  • Post-production Services
Editing facilities provide a way to connect various video elements into a finished program or program segment. Source materials such as graphics, audio, video  
  • Includes 3 Revisions
  • 5 Business Day Turnaround

Whatever their purpose, instructional videos have a number of invaluable benefits to your business.
Versatile teaching tool
Video caters to both visual and auditory learners. As mentioned above, people process visual information much faster than text. However some people retain educational material much better through audio. Video accommodates both styles of learning.
Reusable – saves time and money
While a physical, live class ends, recording a class or producing an instructional video can be reused for years, or until certain aspects of the educational material need to be updated. This can not only save companies time, but also reduce educational or training expenses.
Available on demand
Organising a training day with staff can be a logistical nightmare. Some people work part-time, so might be ill on the day, some have back-to-back meetings. Through instructional videos, staff can take part in training at a time suitable to them, at their desks, at home or even across the globe.
Video is more shareable than text , instructional videos used to educate and inform your audience are priceless pieces of content that can be easily shared through social media platforms.
Statistics about video suggest that it is the future of marketing. Research suggests that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019! Increasingly time-poor staff and customers alike want to learn as fast and as easily as possible, through the comfort of their own computers.

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