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Color Correction  (Limited Budget / Up to 45 minutes) تصحيح الالوان / الميزانية المحدودة
Item # 4042

المجموعة:  تصحيح الألوان
الخدمة تصحيح الألوان للميزانية المحدودة
مدة الفيديو:  حتى 45 دقيقة
ساعات العمل : 6 ساعة
عدد أيام التنفيذ: 3 ايام

عدد أيام التعديلات: 2 ايام

Vedio color correction is an absolute must in order to achieve a consistent look and style in a professional workflow. Color correction has two basic steps: primary and secondary color grading. In the first step we adjust your video’s colors as a whole. Next we focus on correcting specific issues, such as removing or adding shadows.

Our services include:
  • Up to: 45 Minutes in Length
  • High Quality Color Correction 
  • Detailed Motion Tracking 
  • Fixing White Balance
  • Contrast / Density Correction
  • Adjusting Color Balance Hues
  • Adjusting The Sharpness of Images
  • Cropping and Re-sizing 
  • Fixing Excessive Exposure Problems
  • Creating Visual Coherence in Balance and Tone
  • Adjusting Color Tones
  • Scene-to-scene Matching
  • Reflection of Adjacent Colors 
  • Dark Spot, Eye and Hair Color Change Color and Removal
  • Includes 3 Revisions
  • 3 Business Day Turnaround

600.00  EGP
per Unit

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